... in TRANSPOSING: ... the story between translation and adaptation - Street - Straße - Улица

Street - Straße - Улица

by Vladimir Gergiev

Photos - Pэryp@tet!k Media, Amiya Kaczmar

We are now on the street, mostly the sidewalk, the sidewalk in New York, Munich, London, Ireland, Moscow. In New York, although we pave the sidewalks with concrete, it is almost impossible for us to produce a flat even gradient, but the best is when we have:

Leaving aside the appearance and - for the moment - the trash on this Brooklyn street, let's have a look at who walks on this sidewalk. Of course, most of us have sneakers, flats, but our friend Coen caught this woman in the subway:

This must be the limit on heels in New York, which is why you see women with a different type of boot in London:

For their comparatively flatter sidewalks, however, they have a different problem:
And this sign isn't just necessary on public sidewalks. We were drinking a Lebanese beer at the Beirut street tent in east London and went to the porta loos in the back to pee. Right in the middle of the circle of porta potties stood a man - peeing on the ground! Brazenly telling exclaiming that he didn't know whether or not people were inside them.

In Munich, especially during the regularly recurring beer festivals like Oktoberfest, Starkbierfest, etc., we also urinate regularly on the street, but perhaps more tastefully because the statues are so nicely decorated:

The roses, the placement of the roses and the color of the roses - they may be in her arm, but she isn't carrying them, or isn't just carrying them. Because they are alive (or dying), because they are in color and do not belong to the original, we can view them like a protagonist's speech transposed from 19th century Munich to 21st century London in the Brick Lane:
Is the yellow rose against the oxidizing statue what the shadow is to nuclear flowers? That is, political? Only the one in a subtle Bavarian way and the other a blunt statement on a shutter.
Maybe, it's similar with our street weaver in Bedford-Stuyvesant.