... in TRANSPOSING: ... the story between translation and adaptation - Different rooms, different spaces


By Hermann Mensing

Transposed from the German by Priscilla Layne



Room/Space 1:

This is a space that once had windows and doors, but it was never a room, at least not in the sense that we usually mean when we say “room”. It was a space in the basement of a two-story office building. The building had been reduced to rubble during the earthquake. The space, which hadn’t been a room despite its doors and windows, had collapsed underneath the rubble. A few hollow spaces had formed between the debris. Auntie A- is lying in one of these hollow spaces (no doors, no windows). She had sought shelter in the basement during the tremors. And although she can hardly move around, she hasn’t been injured. It’s dark. And it’s eerily quiet. She knows what happened and she’s hoping she’ll be rescued. She calls out. Someone will answer her at some point. But it’ll be hours before someone can free her from these confines.


Room/Space 3:

It’s night in this room. Two lamps burn dimly and Trainspotting is on TV. Someone’s sitting at the computer. He just got back from LA. He played a gig there. They told him he did a good job. I assume that’s the only reason why he left his room, got on his motorcycle, rode into a cold north wind and walked into a tapROOM.

Full text available soon in next collection