... in TRANSPOSING: ... the story between translation and adaptation - Criminals in Love


By Alexander Pushkin

Transposed from the Russian by Yuri Smirnov


"There were two of us: My boyfriend and I. We grew up together, raised by foster parents for most of our childhood: As kids, life was not fun; we knew nothing but neediness, tortured by bitter hate, and afflicted early on by the torment of extreme jealousy.

It was miserable. There were constant problems, and we grew sick of such a fate. Then one day the two of us decided to go into business: For show, we leased a garage and hired a promoter. We forgot inferiority and sadness, and chased away our conscious.

Those were the days, long ago, when we were young! Back then, we lived, dismissed bad luck and took whatever we could get our hands on. Regularly, just after the workday had begun and forced everyone into offices, we went from home to high rise on a dangerous mission. With forged reports, we presented our cause and waited to see whether a wealthy businessman or nice idealist would sign on. - Since then, all was ours! We convinced them completely, thoroughly, inside, outside, over and over again, with our perfectly designed presentation. And it rained pledges afterwards.

Talking, laughing, congratulating, we flew across the asphalt streets. People even began to approach us. And when we passed a prestigious club - we stopped, entered the lobby, explained, convincingly requested the manager, were invited in - and had everything for free: drinks, food and entertaining shows!

So what happened? Investigators circled in. And the agents didn't have to search for long. They caught us - had our hands chained behind our backs, and the police led us to a van...

Entire text is available in the first collection of transpositions titled From Wahnsinnig to the Loony Bin