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General -общие inфorмationen

- Transposition, emblem transposing and peripatetic stories are interrelated projects that pursue the sublime and conditional truths in an age of instability, uncertainty and polarization. The work released within the framework of this aesthetic should embrace some of the principles of peripateticism in both form and content.
- We welcome simultaneous submission, manuscripts and images both unpublished and published previously (if available in terms of copyright) and grant you permission to publish accepted work elsewhere (subject to permission for inclusion in a future collection).
- You are encouraged to submit your work elsewhere; we only respond if accepted and there may be a long delay between any submission and possible acceptance. You do not need to inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
- We are professional translators; our project here is essentially a non-commercial endeavor that is financed by our independent owners Peripatetic Media LLC in Brooklyn and Peripatetic Translation Services GmbH in Germany.
- You must be willing to enter your personal information, including payment data, in the database of our affiliated company Peripatetic Translation Services GmbH, which handles all procedural and payment matters. A European bank account is preferable for free wire transfers.

Transpositions / Transponierungen / Транспозиции

- We are currently interested in contemporary transpositions as well as ones from the baroque and the age of romanticism.
- If you are interested in preparing a transposition, please review the information here and in the articles and blog posts before contacting us with a proposal.
- We generally pay for transpositions, but we do not want a translation and we certainly don't want a machine-generated translation (we are professional translators and recognize this very quickly).
- We do not have the time to contact authors or publishing houses on behalf of your project, but will be glad to assist you.

Emblem transpозиция

- We are currently (February 2016) looking for authors in various countries who would like to write 600-1000 words on the subject of instability (psychological, social, political, economic, etc.) in their own country. We are in need of international non-native-English-speaking contributors who can write fairly well in English (perfection not necessary!). Text will appear as guest posts at blog and in a collection.
- We pay $30 and €20 for text in emblem transpoзиция and $4 or €3 for each use of an image (in emblem, at blog or elsewhere).

Photos / Fotos / Фотки

- We need photos for the blog posts and emblems.
- Particularly photos from America, Germany and Russia.
- On the subjects of: art/street art, buildings/architecture, death, park/garden, people, school, shoes, signs, social housing, street, subway and trash.
- We also need photos of statues and homes of writers, artists, thinkers, philosophers, etc.
- Please provide description and location of any submitted photograph.
- We pay $4 or €3 for each use of an image (in emblem, at blog or elsewhere).

Pэryp@tet!k stories

- Please see the principles of peripateticism. Some of these elements must be evident in your text.
- The narrative should be understandable.
- We prefer a form that differs from a page of words in one uniform font, but are considering working with authors to provide two versions of one text: one ordinary version and one peripatetic version. To be discussed.
- Images, sketches, other graphics are welcome in stories, but we don't want nonsense.
- Stories with neologisms, parts in other languages, other linguistic experiments are desireable as long as it is possible to understand the basic plot with relative ease (we consider e.g. Thomas Pynchon to be incomprehensible)
- We want to see a biography of the author and will give preference to authors who have spent a significant amount of time abroad and can demonstrate fluency in a foreign language.
- We pay $30 and €30 for stories.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@perypatetik.com


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